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Dec 15, 2012 08:36 AM

Ebook Deals

I've been lurking on this board for a while, and have bought way too many cookbooks because of it. Anyhow I thought I'd share that B&N is selling the following for $6.99 each, Meat A Kitchen Education by Peterson and Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Hazan.

I'm on the fence about the Peterson book because I already have The Butcher's Guide to Well-Raised Meat by Applestone. The price is tempting...

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  1. Thanks for the heads- up! I use a Kindle Fire so I couldn't order the Nook version, but I checked on Amazon and they also have the Hazan book at $6.99 in ebook form. I have always wanted Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, so I was excited to get it immediately for seven bucks. This is the first time I have purchased a cookbook in electronic format. It makes sense for me though, since a lot of my paper cookbooks sit in the closet (I have limited space), while I often use recipes I find online and follow them with my Kindle right there on the counter. I don't know why it didn't occur to me sooner to buy an eCookbook. Thanks for flipping the switch on my lightbulb!

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      I have an Android tablet and most of my ebooks are from Amazon. I have learned to browse reviews for e-cookbooks though because some are horribly formatted. I was annoyed to learn that the Charles Phan iPad version is more well thought out than the Kindle.

      1. re: sharonj

        That was a surprise to me as well, but Amazon took their kindle version back and refunded the money. Then I downloaded the iTunes version.

    2. Please share how you successfully cook using your tablet? I loaded one cookbook on my Ipad and it was a miserable experience trying to cook with it, even using my cook holder has a prop.

      First I forgot to change my settings so it kept going dark on me. Due to how it the book was formatted I had to enlarge the font to read it so the recipe ended up being on 5 pages. I had to keep washing and drying my hands to turn the page. By the time I was done my Ipad was still a mess.

      ugh give me a real book any day-at least for cooking!

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        You can set your device not to dim, usually under settings. Make sure you have enough battery life or plug it in.

        My boyfriend and I use a cookbook stand with the plastic splash guard, and I'm usually in charge of the tech and double checking the recipe while he's doing everything else.

        I like books but New York real estate makes shelf space a premium.

        1. re: sharonj

          Oh I figured out the setting thing, that was just an over site, but how do you turn the pages with the splash guard? Or do you have one that allows for touch screens? I have yet to see an e-cookbook where the more complex recipes don't end up on multiple pages.

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            I have not tried it yet, myself, but I have been told that you should be able to utilize your tablet even while it is placed inside a Ziploc bag. I think I actually first read this tip in travel magazine - for reading on the beach and keeping the sand away. They sell protective covers for this purpose, but the test I read in the magazine proved that the bag worked as well, if not better than some options you can buy, and was obviously the cheapest by far.

            Other than that, I just want to thank the OP again for giving me the push to finally buy Hazan's book. It is the first time I have actually sat and read a cookbook as I would a regular book.