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Dec 15, 2012 07:45 AM

Coffee Makers

I am amazed at how crappy the newer coffee makers are. I'm about to get rid of a 2 year old Cuisinart model that just had its bottom rust out. Left a big rust stain on the counter. Shite.

So I go to Amazon and start searching. Most units have a large share of terrible reviews. Apparently the one I'm getting rid of has the habit of catching fire. Others just stop working at a significant rate...and these aren't cheapo models either.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I posted a thread on the wrong category a few days ago. I have a Cuisinart Keurig, almost 2 yr. old, and now it's starting to leak. This is our 3rd Keurig. I LOVE the concept, but I'm so tired of spending money and it turns into crap.

    My DH found this:

    The reviews look good, and I like that you can have it all on this one.

    1. I guess it depends on how much coffee you drink &/or prepare for others.

      My husband doesn't drink coffee (never has), & I pretty much only have 1 cup in the morning & that's it. So the deluxe Keurig my husband gifted me with last year has been absolutely PERFECT for our needs.

      Makes terrific coffee, & the K-cup selections available are through the roof in variety. Am thrilled that I can now get my favorite good old "Eight o'Clock" medium-roast coffee in K-cups!!! And if there's some coffee I just must have (doubtful) that isn't available in K-cups, I have the Keurig "make your own" K-cup with any regular ground coffee I want.

      I've also used hot chocolate K-cups, iced tea K-cups, regular & herb tea K-cups for both hubby & I. All produce a more than respectable product.

      Bottom line: LOVE this machine!!

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      1. re: Bacardi1

        I'm a 4 cup a day guy and can't stand the wait for a K-cup to brew. We also need to be able to brew a pot for guests occasionally, so I'm limited to pot-type units.

        1. re: Bacardi1

          I agree with this. We have the Keurig Platinum that I won last year in The Kitchn's holiday giveaway. Kind of funny I was the one who won it as I don't drink coffee at all. But, because of that, the Keurig works out great for us. BF has maybe 2-3 cups a day, throughout the morning (he works at home). I also make the occasional cup of hot cider for myself and guests have used it to get hot water to make tea. This is the one we have:

          I only really have two complaints about it. One is the cost of the K-cups, but we usually purchase a box of 50 from Amazon for around $30, or we'll pick up a box when we go to Costco every few months. Buying them at the grocery store is crazy expensive. A friend of ours uses the cup where you can put in your own coffee in and brew that way, but we have not tried it yet. My other complaint was when we had house guests, and everyone was drinking coffee, we went through a ton of K-cups, and it would have been better to just brew one large pot. But that only happens a few times a year.

          As for the brewing time, I leave the house about 5-10 minutes before he gets up, so I turn on the machine so it can warm up, and it's ready to brew as soon as he comes downstairs.

          EDIT, sal, I just saw your response when I posted mine. So you can disregard :)

          1. re: juliejulez

            We've been using our Keurig for 3 years and it's been great. Lately we've been using the cups from San Francisco Bay. They are a modified version of the K-Cup and the coffee is very good. It's also appreciably cheaper, about $33 for 80 at Amazon. They use a paper filter rather than a plastic cup so they come sealed in plastic pouches of 8-9 each.


            1. re: juliejulez

              Yes - "Platinum". That's the model I have as well. Couldn't remember the correct name. I don't find the waiting time all that long. By the time I've gotten my mug out & uncovered & fed the bird, it's ready to brew.

              But I can see this not being a useful brewer for the OP - he/she definitely needs a pot brewer.

          2. I've had the Cuisinart Grind-and-Brew for about 5 years, using it daily. It's certainly not fancy but I love that I can put whole beans in it the night before, and that my first daily task is pouring coffee, not making it. It's loud as hell while grinding, but serves as a secondary alarm clock at 5am. And if you don't line up the pot correctly, it'll leak out entirely and you'll wake up to coffee all over counters and floors. That's only happened about 3 times over 5 years, though, and isn't exclusive to Cuisinart. Overall, for the price, I've been happy with it. I bought my dad one, too, and he loved it. Cleaning it is just one step more than a separate grinder.

            1. Zojirushi Zutto is the best coffee maker I have ever had. You can buy one from Amazon. It's my favorite appliance in my entire house. I like coffee a lot, but I'm usually too lazy to make pour over coffee with a Chemex or Hario dripper. The Zojirushi has been a good compromise.

              1. If you do not need programmable timer, then a lot of aficionados go for the Technivorm moccamaster with thermal carafe. At ~$300 new, it's pretty steep. You can get a Bunn BTX-B(D) for about $100 (high altitude version with modification for change in ATM affecting boiling point of water if you need it), or a newer design Bunn ST for about $150 if you don't need the high-altitude temperature setting switch.

                For making just a cup or two at a time, I use a pour over Hario V60.

                You may want to consider the Bonavita BV1800, which is SCAA certified like the Technivorm, but is only ~$150. It's gotten lots of positive comments and reviews, but I have not used one personally, so I can't speak to it directly.

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                1. re: khuzdul

                  I've been using a Technivorm MoccaMaster for the last 3 years or so and it has continuously made the best coffee I've ever had. I do roast and grind my beans at home and after that much effort I wanted to use the best coffee maker. The Technivorm fits the bill in that regard.

                  1. re: grampart

                    I'm another huge Technivorm fan. I purchased mine a few years ago after being disgusted with the run of the mill coffee makers and my lemon of a Cusinart Grind and Brew. At the same time I purchased a Kitchenaide burr grinder. I don't roast my own beans but I grind each morning.

                    This machine is simplistic but so well made that the extra price may be recouped in a long lifespan. The key is no fussy electronics and a copper element that truly heats the water to the proper temp for coffee brewing.

                    1. re: HokieAnnie

                      Add me to the list... I've had mine four years, and it's not fancy looking, just makes the best coffee into a thermal carafe with no burning.

                      I would never use a Keurig or anything else that limited my coffee choices and strength that way for top dollar. I'd rather buy really great coffee and use a Melitta one cup pour over filter or a small french press.

                      I do recall a recent discussion in which another poster reported that he had the same results with brew temp and good coffee as the expensive Technivorm with a $9 Sylvania electric drip pot.

                  2. re: khuzdul

                    I think your choice of a coffee maker depends on how serious you are about brewing a really good cup of coffee. When it's just a cup for myself, I use a French press; when it's for two or more people I use the Technivorm. In either case, I always try to have freshly roasted beans on hand, and I grind them whenever I make a pot of coffee.