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Authentic Dim Sum in Broward

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I was on FB this morning and friends of mine in Vancouver were posting their food porn of the wonderful dim sum dinner. they ate last night. Memories of fantastic meals when I lived up there and missing the food! I am hoping someone can recommend a fabulous restaurant in the Broward area. Can you help?

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  1. Hong Kong City does dim sum all day on State Road 7 North of Oakland Park


    1. Toa Toa off Pine Island in Sunrise is really good. Very busy for lunch on weekends though.


      1. Pine Court Chinese Bistro
        Address: 10101 Sunset Strip, Sunrise, FL 33322

        New, big and push cart dim sum. Next to a chinese supermarket too.

        1. China Pavillion on Flamingo Rd. in Pembroke. Yummy

          1. China Pavilion is fantastic. Their dim sum is some of the best I've had here. I think it's better than Philip Ho and Tropical. No carts but still a great menu to select from and a specials board (you'll have to ask about specials as they are all written in Chinese).

            1. China Pavillion is decent. It's a notch below tropical. I'd stay away from the mango shrimp thing they got, but everything else is fine. I'm a fan of their beef chow fun.

              1. this must be my week for bad food. After not being able to get into uncle liu's, a Hungarian restaurant in Sunrise without a reservation Decided to go to China Pavillion for dinner. Last time I went we had the Lobster over vermicelli and beef chow fun. Both were excellent. This time Hot and sour soup out of balance terrible with no hot or sour. Roast pork app was stringy like you would get at a bad buffet. The best thing I could say about the lamb in a clay hot pot was that the tofu skins were good. the sauce put me off and what little lamb was on the large chunks of bone were stringy and not very flavorful.The chicken in black bean sauce also had problems. It was served with sauteed red onions peppers and tomatoes that totally overpowered the light black bean sauce which you could not taste. The chucks of chicken were actually larger then the awful chicken breast sandwiches served up at the Poker room at the Hard Rock.