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Dec 15, 2012 05:11 AM

Miele's in Verona - any recent feedback?

A friend I grew up with is coming home (from San Francisco) with her family, which includes two kids who are used to eating out at a variety of restaurants (thank goodness...). She emailed to say she's "always craving good (Southern) Italian food when I'm in NJ (very Northern Italian focused food out here) - is Miele's in Verona still any good?" It was their family go-to growing up, and she remembers it as even more "down home" than Il Villagio (in Parsippany).

I'm rarely at a loss, but other than Il Villagio or Reservoir Tavern, I not only couldn't answer her question--I also couldn't come up with any other ideas aside from A Mano, which is too far for them to get to on this trip.

So...any recs in eastern Morris Cty or western Essex would be greatly appreciated! Doesn't have to be fancy--just GOOD. And of course, BYO is preferred. Thanks, 'hounds!

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  1. I ate there the week of Sandy and had a good meal. The owners are very nice people. There are 2 places within 1/2 mile that might be worth trying Frank Anthony's and the new Saluga. Both better than Mileles imo.

    1. I think a solid southern italian place you like would trump the nostalgia of Miele's. It's pretty ordinary. And depending on when she used to go, probably a little "fancier" now (my family used to go in the 1970's pre-tablecloths)