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Dec 15, 2012 12:27 AM

Pies from Cake Monkey?

we usually head down to the Filling Station but are trying to save the drive to OC. The CM pies sound so good! Anyone who's tried them?

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  1. The Cake Monkey cherry almond pie that Umami carries is delicious. One of the best pies I've tasted. LA Weekly gave it their #1 pie in Los Angeles last summer.

    You can also buy directly buy from Cake Monkey and they do local delivery.

    1. We ordered a pumpkin tart with marshmallow topping from Cake Monkey for Thanksgiving and it had absolutely no taste other than sweet. I think they'd forgotten to spice the least I hope that's what happened. And the graham cracker crust completely fell apart upon cutting.

      1. Someone brought pies from Cake Monkey to Thanksgiving dinner this year. Very unimpressive. Wish they had bought their pies from SusieCakes instead.