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Dec 14, 2012 09:16 PM

Restaruant Sinks to Bottom of Bay

This for those of us that grew up here, or moved here before 2000

It was reported that the once iconic Harbor Island restaurant, the Ruben E. Lee, has sunk into the bay up to her upper deck.

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  1. RIP. Lots of winter/spring dances and rehearsal dinners on that old bird.

    1. OMG...had my prom dinner there.

      They made back in the days one hell of a lobster thermador.
      I thought the old gal was getting refurbished and brought back to all its glory...let's hope so!

      1. I ate dinner there in high school for my friend's graduation celebration. I was 16 and it was one my earliest memories of "fine dining." I remember being sooo nervous.