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Dec 14, 2012 07:12 PM

coming to SF in February...

so I'll be coming to SF in February and I am trying to plan out some meals...

I've made a booking for Atelier Crenn. I've also booked Coi. After the fact, I looked over at yelp and Coi got some not-so-hot reviews so I'm thinking of changing it up. I looked at Quince and Saison as well. I really wanna try State Bird Provisions but I'm having trouble getting a reservation. If I dont go to Quince I thought Cotogna could be a somewhat more moderately priced option, particularly if I go for lunch and sample a couple of pasta dishes. Those looked good. I also really want to try Boulette's Larder for breakfast or lunch as well as Bar Tartine and/or Tartine Bakery / Cafe. What are, say, the best of the SF fine dining restaurants? Also what are the best lunch spots and best Chinese or Japanese spots? Seems like I gotta get planning.


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