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Dec 14, 2012 06:27 PM

One trying to find lunch tomorrow, but where??

I could use some ideas for some really great food for lunch tomorrow.

Well, my default idea is Bouchon Bakery (the one in the mall), I love that place. But I am mainly in the mood for something much more straightforward—something really low key, I'd love a hole-in-wall setting as long as there is something notable about the food—but I am at a loss as to where to start. Fix me!!! Tell me your notable foods for Saturday lunch.

Oh, no Japanese though. Planning on that for dinner.

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  1. Bash Burger at Burger & Barrell

    Ravioli at Giovanni Rana @ Chelsea Market

    Great prix fix lunch at David Burke Kitchen

    Just throwing ideas around...

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    1. re: alepenazzi

      Thanks! Italian sounds great, I might go for that. I've thought about it some more and am having better ideas now.

      + Chelsea Market, Eataly…
      + Xi'an Famous Foods
      + Bouchon Bakery, haven't been in a year

      Not in the mood for:
      – Fried foods
      – Sandwiches, burgers, bagels
      – Pizza
      – Japanese (too good, but really needing something different)
      – Fine dining or anything resembling it (no prix fixe) (even though Tocqueville on a Sat. afternoon is pretty awesome)
      – no brunchy places (no Prune, ABCK, etc.)

      1. re: calf

        Eataly? I wouldn't bother and hardly a hole in the wall.

        Any feeling for Pinche taqueria on the Lower east side?

        Might not be robust enough for December weather.

        1. re: barberinibee

          We just visited Eataly for the first time this week and were very impressed with the cappucino bar, we had a little of everything. Just like a quick trip to Rome. The other restaurants are on my list for next time, I would definitely bother, and would love your feedback if you do go.

        2. re: calf

          1st Choice: Kin Shop
          other choices: dim sum at Golden Unicorn, Paradou,
          Nam Peng above the parking garage( that's if you change your mind and want a coconut shrimp sandwich or a ginger brisket sandwich ) :)
          Greenwich Grill had a great $12 lunch, not sure if it's available on weekends.

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            Thank you all!! I ended up having errands to run, but I'll save all of these for in time of need.

            1. re: calf

              Just realized I relocated Pinche Taqueria to the LES, when Nolita is the better designation.