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Dec 14, 2012 03:51 PM

Lunch in Lyon, Sat Dec 29

Hi, Chowhounders. I'm visiting Lyon from London for a friend's wedding from Fri Dec 28 to Dec 30 and only have 2 free meals - dinner on Fri the 28th, for which I've booked Magali et Martin after reading about it here and in the NYT (I love Austrian food) and Sat lunch. It looks like Potager des Halles is closed on the 29th, sadly, and Bouchon des Filles doesn't do Sat lunch, from what I can tell. I'm looking for a modern, interesting, not-too-expensive place. Many thanks!

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  1. Modern+interesting+not too expensive = L'Ourson Qui Boit on the corner of the rue Royale and rue Roger Violi. My preferred refuge from the bouchon style whenever I'm in Lyon.

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      Thanks, Parnassien - I'd seen that twice on the boards and was intrigued but then it slipped my mind. I lived in Japan for 2 years, so the combination appeals. But I just rang them and got a recorded message in French saying (I think!) they are closed until Jan. Would you happen to know if this isn't true? Can someone recommend a place that will be open on the 29th? The other thing is that the wedding is at 11 in Caluire, so I'm not sure what time I can get back to Lyon. I wanted a late lunch reservation to be safe. I think L'Ourson Qui Boit stops lunch service at 2 - is that true of many places in Lyon? Many thanks.

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        I live in Paris, not Lyon. But even in Paris I have no idea of what will be open between Christmas and New Year's until I actually go to make a reservation. Most restaurants simply don't give advance notice about holiday closings. Some that were open last year will be closed this year ... and some that closed last year will be open this year. Grrrrr.

        Another rec (and this one will be open), Palégrié on the rue du Palais-Grillet off the rue Grenette near the Cordeliers-Bourse métro. I haven't been but friends rave about it and it just won Lefooding's "meilleur cuisinier" award. And open for Saturday lunch until 2:30. Wheeee!

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          Thanks, Parnassien - I have a booking at Palégrié for Sat at 14:30. It looks like a great option, and I will report back.