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Does anyone have a recipe for a great chocolate cake that uses sour cream?

I need to use up a ton of sour cream, and since I have to make a birthday cake tonight, I was hoping someone might have a recipe to share. TIA

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  1. I started making this simply wonderful cake, originally from Fanny Farmer 40 years ago. I dust it with powdered sugar.

    1. I do, but it's in a cookbook at home (SF Junior League hard bound, circa 1979), and I have no computer at home!

      It's three layers of cake, with a chocolate/sour cream frosting. Most delish.

      I made it for a co-worker for his (an another colleague's) birthday about a week before I was due to leave the job. Three days after I left he called to ask me out. Four years later we were married. I'm not saying the cake was the reason, but...


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      1. I don't have a recipe for chocolate cake with sour cream but I do have one that uses mayo and it's amazingly delicious. So holler if u want that one.

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            Serious Eats ran the recipe, saving me time to retype it out for you. It's a great cake for chocolate cake lovers.

        1. Well...I'm pretty sure you don't want this one, but I do the one with cake mix, instant pudding mix, 4 eggs, etc. I find it pretty good (and stupid easy!).

          ...hiding head in shame...

          1. For a quick easy, delicious, one-bowl chocolate cake try Maida Heatter's New Orleans Chocolate Cake. It only uses 1/2 cup of sour cream but every bit helps get rid of excess. Search for it on google.

            1. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll probably try the Fanny Farmer recipe that magiesmom mentioned -- it looks really good.

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              1. This Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake from Cooks Illustrated is very good: