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Dec 14, 2012 02:43 PM


If you could request one item from Staub to begin a collection, what would it be? For my fiancee.. I'm considering the 4qt over the 5.75qt (mainly because of the color - aubergine). Is this a mistake?The 5.75qt is in blue, and my fiancee's favorite color is purple.

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  1. I think the larger one would be much more versatile. 4 qt isn't that big for many things good to cook in a heavy pan.

    Both colors are lovely. Purple is also my favorite color but I am glad I have the larger size.

    It is just two of us but I like the larger one for stews, braising, soups, etc.

    1. Hi there I actually own both, the small one in blue and large in aubergine. Go with your get feeling, the blue is a beautiful colour but purple is also my fave.
      Colour aside the larger pot would probably see more use, at least in my house.

      1. I should add... She will mostly be making meals for two.

        1. My 5.75 gets alot of use...I love braising and I like the extra room for browning and stirring.
          My meals are usually for 2 people and I make enough for the next day for reheating.
          I would definitely go for the larger pot. My 4 qt. just doesn't get the use. The blue, which I have, is beautiful and because I like color in a kitchen I've purchased other colors for my other pots.

          1. Big mistake, IMO. The 5.5 is the most versatile and ideal size for most uses. I get the thing about color, but ultimately, this is a cooking tool, and you will find yourself with overflow or limited uses for the smaller one.