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Dec 14, 2012 02:06 PM

ISO fresh red jalapeno peppers

Hi everyone,

does anyone know of somewhere I can get fresh red jalapeno peppers in Toronto (or even order them online) now? They must be growing somewhere, green are plentiful. Isn't anyone leaving them on the vine a bit longer?

I ask because I'm trying to make my own sriracha as part of some Xmas gifts, but I haven't had any luck save for a single red one I found at an RCSS amongst the greens.

thanks for any help!

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  1. Right now, E. and W. Indian grocers are probably the best bet for fresh peppers packing heat, so to speak.

    1. I'm in the U.S. (Virginia, to be exact), & let me tell you that I haven't been able to find them here either for the past several years except sometimes at farmers markets during the summer.

      Used to be every supermarket had them, but apparently they suddenly realized the poor shelf life of the ripe red Jalapenos compared to the unripe green ones. Same goes for the Serrano peppers - no red ones anymore in the supermarkets. In fact, the only ripe colored peppers I've come across have been Habaneros & sweet Bells.

      1. When I can't find something I go to Harvest Wagon on Yonge & Summerhill, just south of the LCBO. They are one of the 'Five Thieves' or 'Five Bandits' on that strip (or whatever moniker you want to refer to those very expensive five stores bunched right there as). But, their produce is as good as the best in the city. You could just phone and ask

        1. Kensington Market. Try the latin grocers on Augusta.