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Dec 14, 2012 01:55 PM

When did burgers meet fries?

I have found information on the origin of each but not on when the two icons became best friend and how - anyone have any insight?

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  1. good question

    Certainly by 1950 they were mainstream in Bethesda,Md
    at the Hot Shops,Marriot corp

    1. Well, back in the early 1960's, when I was a little sprout, I very fondly remember the excitement of dining at "McDonald's" - always on a Saturday when my parents would do all their shopping since mom didn't drive, & dad got home too late during the week.

      I must have been a maximum of 10 years old. Back then the menu was limited - Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, & those wonderful thin golden fries. Only other menu items that remember were coffee & chocolate & vanilla shakes.

      So fries definitely were being paired with burgers in the early '60's.

      1. Fries became generally known to Americans after the First World War. White Castle was established in 1921. I'm guessing they added them pretty early if not at the outset.

        1. I'm glad they met and have to divorce. Would love to hear responses to this thread, very interesting OP

          1. The first Wimpy opened in the UK in 1954, selling burgers. No doubt, it sold British style chips at that time, rather than the thinner American/Belgian style.

            McDonald's didnt arrive here until 1974 so that probably dates the matching of fries to burgers here. Thin fries are sold in American owned /franchised places and places trying to market themseles on an American style. Other places, including takeaways, are much more likely to sell British style chips.