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Frozen Stone Crab Claws RI/MA?

Does anyone know where I can buy frozen Florida stone crab claws in RI or MA, preferably near Providence-Woonsocket-Worcester?
Merry Chowmas!

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  1. Joe's in Miami will ship them. They are goofy expensive this year in Florida, I don't know why. And I don't care for frozen.

    1. I've ordered them fresh, not frozen from Capt. Don's in FLA. They range this year from $16-$33 per pound. Personally, if you're going to do it, I prefer the jumbos (3 claws per pound which will run you about $28#. plus shipping.

      Edit: Just checked Joe's prices on-line and they are borderline ridiculous, more than 2-3x the price of others.

      1. I've seen them at Dave's, but I'm not sure they are a regular item.

        1. Joess are well worth the price. I have tried both frozen and fresh as a test. and its easy to tell so if its for a holiday even if the price is high Joes are Never frozen plus they are in season now. forget any frozen seafood item.IMO

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            Agree that fresh are far superior to frozen, but why pay a super premium because of "Joe's" name? There are several (Don's as I listed among them) reputable fish mongers who ship fresh. Go with those. Buying from Joe's is akin to buying a lobster shipped from Legal. Unnecessary markup.

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              Or why not just buy whole live rock crabs from the fish market in cranston? $1.99/#

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                Because then you'd have fresh rock crab claws and not stone crab claws. That's like asking a BMW owner why he didn't buy a Hyundai. Or why buy tenderloin when you could buy chuck. Lobsters instead of crayfish. You get the idea...

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                  The Stones are expensive no taking away from it. I had them last March at Joes in Miami they were excellent but once or twice you have something that expensive I usually back off. There is no inexpensive way out of it even at local stores in FL they are expensive. They are just fun food eating 15-20 of them is great makes you half full but you have to sell one of the kids.

          2. go to www.joepattis.com toll free phone# 1-800-500-9929 I believe he's selling them for $10.95 a pound,but you have to order 5 pounds,
            I've been ordering from him for year's.

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              I assume at that price they are pretty small claws. I think the jumbos are worth the extra $$$ IMO.

            2. They are expensive cause the harvest is down by 2/3 this year

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                Wharf rat as I am, the crabbers around Bradenton indicate their catch has been pretty good. There is always the frustration of octopi swiping the bait in the crab traps.

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                  They are always expensive, especially mail order. Veggo's post would seem to contradict that the harvest is down to any degree, however.

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                    Just recieved an email from a chef from our Miami Campus said i looks like an ok harvest. Last year it was around 2.8 million pounds but the price is going to go higher because of the high demand and out of state purchases plus no tax on purchases. Funny thing about Joes Stone Crab in FL. all waiters are in a Tux and the wait for stone crab dinners is about 5 min flip em in flip em out. cooking skill simple.

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                      More and more of the large/jumbo/colossal are being air-freighted to Las Vegas, Macau, and other high-roller destinations where customers pay whatever it takes. One black chip will buy 3 colossal claws around the world. It annoys me to no end.

                  2. Keys Fisheries mails them as well, and supply many of Florida's restaurants (I hear they also supply Joe's). If you go to their bar during happy hour, medium stone crab claws are $1/claw.