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Dec 14, 2012 12:56 PM

Can I use baking spray on nonstick bundt pan?

I messed up a cake yesterday because of using a dark colored bundt pan instead of a light one. It came out with the outside layer burnt and stuck to the pan to the point it would not come out of the pan. I am hoping to buy a light colored pan, as called for in the recipe, and try again.

The light colored pan is a nonstick pan. I really don't know if my dark colored one was or not. The recipe says to coat it in baking spray. But I've also read elsewhere not to use baking spray with nonstick pans. Any ideas it it's fine to do so?

This is an olive oil cake and doesn't have any butter as an ingredient, in case that makes a difference. Thank you so much.

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  1. I use the floured spray with my nonstick Bundt pan with no problems.

    1. you should be fine.

      I have heard that cooking spray can leave a "gummy" residue on non-stick pans, typically where the spray does not come into contact with the food.

      1. Thank you both! I messed up the cake enough the first time, so really wanted to make sure I was doing everything right the second time.

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          like travelerjim I use the floured spray,usually two light coats and maybe chill between coats for both types of pans,even non-stick

        2. An alternative to using the floured spray is to mix equal parts Crisco, vegetable oil and flour. Store in a plastic container in a cool, dry place and it should last a few weeks. I use this with a pastry brush to coat all pans: nonstick and uncoated.

          1. You should use lower heat with dark pans. Spraying plus flouring (or sugaring - which you might worry will burn but doesn't normally, with the benefit of a crunchy crust and easy release) is better than just spraying. Never spray a silicone baking pan unless the label says it's okay - this can make the surface sticky and gummy, regardless of how much hot soapy water you use to clean it.