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Dec 14, 2012 12:32 PM

cocktail glasses like at barrelhouse flat

Does anyone know where I could find glasses like the ones they use at Barrelhouse Flat ( or something similar? I don't even have a clue as to what this style might be called. Thanks!

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  1. Hoping to not sound sarcastic or too obvious: did you ask staff/management?

    1. They are Libbey 7oz Embassy Footed Rocks glasses, part #3747. There is also a 5.5oz version, part #3746, possibly preferable for home use. They should be available in cases of 24 from any restaurant supply store that carries glassware, as Libbey is one of a few standard brands of restaurant glass. Krasny & Co., on Clybourn north of Diversey, will sell them by the dozen if you are willing to pay a case-breaking fee. I'm not aware of any retailers that sell them by the individual piece or set of six.

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        GREAT information - thanks for posting!!!

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          Very detailed, helpful info rdsmith! Mine wasn't the OP and you make me want to go buy some!