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Dec 14, 2012 11:51 AM

NOTL tonight

Impromptu trip to NOTL today and had planned to go to a favourite restaurant, The Stone Road Grill. Just discovered they closed!!! Anyone have an alternate suggestion? Good food good wine, not too stuffy?

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  1. Garrison House is a good alternative. I regularly crave their burger and fries, but the rest of the menu is good as well. Good beer and wine list. A bit further out of old town is the bistro at Ravine Vineyard, which I love.

    Or, if you feel like something a bit different, stop in at Balzac's for their Friday night pop up. Tonight's menu is:

    "Pulled Pork on a Savoury Cornmeal Waffle with Jicima Slaw Salad; Poached Salmon and Arugula on a Scottish Boxty (potato crepe) with Hollandaise Sauce; and Black Bean, Peppers and Cheese Tamale Pie with Jicima Slaw."

    $5 glasses of wine from Stratus (their Wildass red and white) and beer from Silversmith brewery.

    I've been to two of these -- food was bad at the first one (from Tide and Vine) and excellent at the second one (Smokin' Buddha). I think tonight will be good. And I have to say that the atmosphere is lovely -- it's very casual and I always end up chatting with new people.

    I'll be there tonight from around 6:30 or 7, probably sitting up at the high tops near the counter. Feel free to say hi if you come in. :o)

    The site for the popup:

    1. Second Garrison House.

      Terroir La Cachette at Strewn Winery is great. They always have terrific prix-fixe options.

      Treadwell is about 20 min drive from NOTL, but quality and service is topnotch. Phenomenal vintage bottle selection.
      Terroir La Cachette
      1339 Lakeshore Road
      (905) 468-1222

      61 Lakeport Road St. Catharines
      (905) 934-9797

      1. Is Stone Road Grille closed for good?

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          No, Ryan Crawford has left to do his own thing (still TBA) and the restaurant has hired a new chef (blanking on the name at the moment). I'm guessing they are shut down for a few days to allow the new chef to acclimate and prep with his new crew?