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Dec 14, 2012 11:34 AM

Looking for an icing recipe

I'm looking for an icing recipe for decorating cookies with. I do not want royal icing as it gets too hard for my tastes. The kind I'm looking for ends up being a bit shiny and slightly hard when you lightly touch it, but will "smoosh" if you push hard on it. I used to have a recipe for it but now I have no idea where it is and internet searches yield way too many results.

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  1. I make a buttercream that matches that description, which is just melted butter and powdered sugar (plus a little vanilla and salt). I'm not sure of the proportions, but I'd say maybe a stick of butter to a pound of powdered sugar. It will be kind of drippy at first, but it hardens up slightly and takes on a bit of a sheen as it dries. You might give that a try...

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      Cool thanks. I do recall the one I used before has powdered sugar and butter in it.

    2. this thread may be helpful:

      For my decorated cookies this year, I experimented with adding about 4 tablespoons of butter to my standard royal icing recipe and was pretty pleased with the results. The icing held the color when it dried, and stayed soft under a slight crust.

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        Thanks, what you describe sounds like the end result I'm looking for.