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Dec 14, 2012 11:21 AM

Best single malt (Islay) selection in Bethesda/Cabin John?

I'm looking for a bottle of Bunnhabhain, Ardbeg, or a better bottle of Jura or Bowmore for a holiday gift. Where is the best place to look? Thanks.

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  1. I am unaware of any liquor stores in this area except the Mongtgomery County stores. There is one in the Cabin John shopping center at Seven Locks Rd. (in the small two-story mall, not in the strip center). There is another on Westbard Avenue in the shopping center where the Giant is. And one in Bethesda, on Hampden Lane. I have no idea if any of them will have what you want on the shelves, but they do order. Your best bet is to go to DC or VA. Technically, you will be committing a crime, but on the wild side.

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      That being the case, the best selection of scotch closest to Cabin John is probably at Eddie Bassin's on MacArthur Blvd.

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        Thanks. This was a great recommendation. Went to Addy Bassin's and found what I needed. Very knowledgeable staff.

    2. Sorry - I just realized that maybe I shouldn't have said Virginia. I'm not sure, but I think all the liquor stores in VA are state stores. I don't go to VA to buy liquor but I have noticed that there are state stores and as bad as the Montgomery County stores are, they are palaces compared to the VA state stores I have seen. I don't know if there are any private liquor stores in VA.

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        There are no private liquor stores in Virginia. VA ABC stores carry many brands of single malts and will special order on request. The ABC changed its stores' model many years ago from over-the-counter sales to open shelving.

      2. If you yourself are a whisky fan, have you been to the Royal Mile pub in Wheaton? Their list of Scotch is like a manhattan phone book...i am not partial but my spouse is and he was like a kid in a candy shop....