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Dec 14, 2012 11:13 AM

New Category: Cheese

There's a new Category on Chowhound. Check out the Cheese:

The welcome message is here: but here's what it says:


Cheese is a rich, diverse topic with lots of angles for discussion, and hounds around the world want to talk about.

If your questions are of general interest ("What wine should I drink with this Manchego?", "Is Cristo del Prado a great Manchego?", etc), this is the perfect place for them. You can also use this board to discuss condiments to go with cheese, as well as kitchen items related to cheese like cheese boards and cheese knives.

If you have specific questions on local sources ("Where can I get a decent Manchego in Manhattan?", etc) you can still ask those questions on your local board.

Discussion of recipes that simply involve cheese, but where the focus is on the cooking techniques and other ingredients are best in the Home Cooking category, but there may be instances where you want to have an in depth discussion on the perfect cheese to use for a recipe that will work well here.


If you've got questions or comments on the new Category, please post them here.

Also, if there are existing threads that you think are a perfect fit for the Cheese category, you can 'flag' them and the moderators will take a look and possibly move them over.

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