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Dec 14, 2012 11:08 AM

Cold Remedies

I've come down with a nasty cold. I live right off of University Ave in St. Paul and was wondering if anyone has any dish suggestions to help kick this cold. Preferably something spicy to get the nasal passages workin, but all suggestions are welcome! Ok, back to bed....

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  1. not too spicy but the congee at cheng heng is what I crave for a nasty cold. you can use the condiment tray for spiciness. Also, see boat noodles at bangkok thai, or pho from trieu chau. All in your area.

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      My wife swears by their(Cheng Heng) Chicken Noodle soup. When she gets sick I drive over, have lunch, bring back a container of soup and a container of add ons. All in all not bad when she gets sick.

    2. I don't know about your area, but some good hot & sour soup works a treat.

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            pork or beef in szechuan broth, beef in spicy/sour broth or you could always do a hot and sour soup...

      1. Honey, preferably mixed in a shot of honey liqueur. Repeat every few hours as needed. That's what always works for me! Honey kills germs as well as anything else, and it tastes great to boot.

        1. My dad would make us a toddy (even when kids)
          Hot tea, brandy, honey, lemon. I used it for my kids and still use it for myself.

          1. My plan for colds this year involves hot liquids, spice and the probiotic kick from fermented veggies:

            1. Kimchi Tofu House on Oak St, near Washington Ave, East Bank U of MN - Sundubu (bubbling hot fish base with lots of Korean chili flakes and silken tofu along with your choice of meat, as well as the banchan that is served with it.
            2. 3 Tiers Bakery Cafe 50th and 34th Ave. Mpls - kimchi ramen in an incredibly physically hot broth with kimchi and a soft poached egg.
            3. Unideli inside United Noodles off of 24th and Hiawatha - pork tonkotsu ramen spicy style with lots of pickled ginger on top as well as a good load of chili oil

            Most importantly rest and drink lots of water.