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Dec 14, 2012 10:41 AM

Schnitzel restaurants

Where to get a good schnitzel dinner in TO ??

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  1. Europe Restaurant - Bathurst St just south of Lawrence Ave....not fancy but they do lovely schnitzel...very large portions....

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    1. re: tochowchick

      Yep, that's my rec, too. Good stuff.

      1. re: TorontoJo

        Thirded. Their chicken schnitzel is unreal. Awesome food overall.

    2. Cafe Polonez and Chopin on Roncesvalles also serve decent schnitzels.

      I've been meaning to try the schnitzel at the Musket in Etobicoke for a long time.

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      1. re: prima

        Yes! Love Cafe Polonez!

        It's a very different kind of schnitzel than Europe's.

        Europe's is Hungarian style pounded thin and likely fried in deeper oil. Cafe Polonez's version is obviously Polish style, which is not pounded (or perhaps not as thinly) and likely fried in a shallower amount of oil.

        Two very different styles, both wonderful. Great restaurants.

        1. re: magic

          And several versions available at both restaurants.

          1. re: prima

            I am in love with Chopin's sides and perogi.

        2. re: prima

          I've tried the Schnitzels at Cafe Polenz and found them meh. Maybe worth another try.

          Tops on my "Schnitzel List" is the Gourmet Schnitzel House on Kingston Rd, but haven't made it there yet. 89% on Urbanspoon and 4Stars on yelp, it may be good...

            1. re: prima

              Little Bavaria is good, the restaurant is tight however, it feels like you're crammed in, at least that's how I felt the couple of times I've been.

              More cafeteria-esque is the Blue Danube at Ellesmere and McCowan. Sides are very ordinary, the schnitzel is good.

              1. re: Dr Butcher

                The Blue Danube is temporarily closed according to its website.

              2. re: prima

                Also in Scarborough, you could go for lunch at Vienna Fine Foods. Just 3 tall bistro tables and a counter long enough for 4 with enough elbow room for the large portions. You can pick-up groceries while you're at it.

          1. Country Time on Bloor. Been there since the 60s.

            1. Although it is my first impression and a bit out of the way, However, thought it's worth a mentioning!

              1. There used to be a pretty good one in Unionville. Anyone remember the name?

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                1. re: Charles Yu

                  It's at a restaurant called "Old Country Inn"

                  1. re: Julia_K

                    It's still around. Was there last week. Schnitzel was generously sized, crispy and light.