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Help me use up my pimenton!

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So I brought a big jar back from Madrid and have barely used it. It's cold in Los Angeles and I'd love to cook up a big pot of chicken stew--would this taste good w smoked paprika? Does anyone have a good recipe? Thanks.

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  1. It was made to go wonderfully with a chicken stew.

    Also pretty good tossed through fried potatoes - similar to the Spanish tapas dish of patatas brava.

    Dust pork chops with it before cooking in whatever way you normally cook them.

    1. I love this recipe on epicurious with chickpeas/tomatoes. Easy, great flavor and good the next day. I'll often make extra to bring for lunch and have with trader joes pita chips instead of trying to stuff it in a pita.


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          These ideas don't approach using it up, but I sprinkle some on deviled eggs and toss about 1/2 tsp into smittenkitchen's spiced nuts recipe.


          Mine's from Madrid too - disappearing slowly, but the container's beautiful!

          Mmmm....chicken stew sounds good, will experiment!

        2. Recipes aside - if you're keeping your pimenton (& any other paprikas) in your refrigerator, they'll last a LONG time.

          I have a can of imported Hot Hungarian Paprika in my fridge that I bought a couple of years ago, & it's just as fragrant & flavorful as the first time I opened it.

          All paprika products should be kept refrigerated (in my opinion).

          1. One obvious use for pimenton would be paella. I typically make Ruth Reichl's version which is pretty straight forward and easy but very delicious.


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            1. Heckya it is good in chicken stew. Good with lamb stew too!

              Mix it with nuts and popcorn for snacking!

              I see Harters has already claimed papas bravas. YUM. You can use it as a rub for meat and then slap it in the oven.


              Chorizo! Freaking fantabulous.

              Make sure not to burn it when sauteing.

              Send it to chowhound friends...

              1. Put roasted potatoes in the line up

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                  What isn't this stuff good on? I like to use it on seafood, especially fish, shrimp, crabcakes;, it's great on chicken, chili, pretty much everything (yes, even tatertot casserole for my teenage son's Xmas party)...

                  1. Mix pimenton with mayonnaise; use as a spread for sandwiches and burgers or as a dip for french fries.

                    1. I go through pimenton quickly by using it in things such as piri piri blends and sauce, Romesco sauce, Port and paprika chicken, pulpo a la Gallega (octopus with paprika) and so on.

                      Bobby Flay's barbecue sauce recipe is very good and uses 1 T at a time...

                      1. I also use it in shellfish stews, kale/white bean/chorizo stews, and on roasted potatoes. Would also be good in sauteed or broiled garlickly shrimp.

                        1. This is a fantastic use of pimenton, its also a really simple/quick dinner, I made it twice this week. I preferred it with hanger steak over bavette and used more pimenton then she did.


                          1. I sprinkle it on pork chops or loin before I pan fry it. It adds a nice smokiness.

                            For a more elaborate use, I make a nice garbanzo and spinach stew. I got this recipe from Jose Andres. I make this dish all the time when I am on my tour of duty every summer living at my inlaws house in Spain.


                            1. There are lots of recipes for 'pollo al pimenton'. To distinguish between the ones using sweet paprika and the ones using the smoked, adding 'de la vera' helps.