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Dec 14, 2012 09:31 AM

Help me use up my pimenton!

So I brought a big jar back from Madrid and have barely used it. It's cold in Los Angeles and I'd love to cook up a big pot of chicken stew--would this taste good w smoked paprika? Does anyone have a good recipe? Thanks.

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  1. It was made to go wonderfully with a chicken stew.

    Also pretty good tossed through fried potatoes - similar to the Spanish tapas dish of patatas brava.

    Dust pork chops with it before cooking in whatever way you normally cook them.

    1. I love this recipe on epicurious with chickpeas/tomatoes. Easy, great flavor and good the next day. I'll often make extra to bring for lunch and have with trader joes pita chips instead of trying to stuff it in a pita.

        1. re: andrewtree

          These ideas don't approach using it up, but I sprinkle some on deviled eggs and toss about 1/2 tsp into smittenkitchen's spiced nuts recipe.

          Mine's from Madrid too - disappearing slowly, but the container's beautiful!

          Mmmm....chicken stew sounds good, will experiment!

        2. Recipes aside - if you're keeping your pimenton (& any other paprikas) in your refrigerator, they'll last a LONG time.

          I have a can of imported Hot Hungarian Paprika in my fridge that I bought a couple of years ago, & it's just as fragrant & flavorful as the first time I opened it.

          All paprika products should be kept refrigerated (in my opinion).

          1. One obvious use for pimenton would be paella. I typically make Ruth Reichl's version which is pretty straight forward and easy but very delicious.


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