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Dec 14, 2012 09:27 AM

Schnitzel Queen ???


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  1. Still there.
    Same good price. Same good quality. As always, closed on weekends.

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    1. re: happycamper

      Thanks. I will be coming from out of town, do u know if they have a website. I don't know their adress or their hours.

      1. re: fatman0000

        Mon-Thur: 11-5pm
        Fri: 11-3pm
        Closed weekends.

        237 Queen St E (Queen & Sherbourne)
        (416) 861-9793

        Happy Eating!

        1. re: happycamper

          Wow, this place still exists, huh! Many years ago I worked in the area and use to frequent it for lunch.

    2. I finally tried it based on Now Magazine cheap eats recommendation. I shared a Queen Schnitzel sandwich with a friend for $10. It was huge, delicious and worth the trip. The restaurant is in a dive part of town and it's decor likely has not much changed since it opened but worth a go if you like schnitzel.

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      1. re: mskatsam

        The Schnitzel is, quite literally...and I do know the definition of literally... the size of a frisbee! The bun they serve it on is not up to the task, so I usually tell them to cut the critter in quarters and put half on two buns, with only fresh lemon juice. If I eat it all I have scant room for dinner and my long suffering wife looks at me askance and accuses me of lunching at the 'Queen'. Denials go a glimmering.

        1. re: TorontoTuna

          Sounds like you got schitzfaced! :) Is it deep fried or pan? Thanks!

        2. re: mskatsam

          There are some pics of the sandwiches in their blog:

          I was full after sharing the sandwich. They do have a junior size option as well.

          1. re: mskatsam

            Will they package the bun and schnitzel separately? I have always wanted to try there as I live close by.

            1. re: MargieEv

              I found the staff to be quite accommodating. It is a tiny establishment with counter seats for 4 people. They seem to be keen to keep patrons happy.

              1. re: mskatsam

                What is the best way to heat up the schnitzel once you get it home?

        3. Karon Liu just tweeted that Schnitzel Queen needs to move due to condo development. And a link to a Kickstarter campaign to help them relocate:

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          1. re: num nums

            They tried to get money from dragon's den.

          2. The wondrous Schnitzel Queen closed today, New Years Eve, as planned due to eviction but the owners have found a new location about a block to the west (the former Moss Park Restaurant at 211 Queen St. E.) and will re-open in about a month.

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              1. re: GullyJaye

                Happened to drive by here yesterday, they are open at the new location, still south side of Queen but about a block west of where they were.

                1. re: maple99

                  Have they actually opened? If so, rejoice!

                  1. re: nno22

                    They are open at 211 Queen St east of Jarvis/west of Sherbourne (across from Moss Park). Plenty of 'metre' parking out front. Same prices. Same staff.

                    They will open on Saturdays now from 1-6pm.

                    I went yesterday. The new spot has a few tables. Warm, cozy and kitschy feel perfectly suited to getting your schnitz on.

                    $10 for a queen schnitzel sandwich shared with friend. Yum.

              2. Apparently, they've met their crowdfunding goal: