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Dec 14, 2012 09:23 AM

Tar & Roses

Food nut from NYC was in town, so we decided to try this newish "hot" restaurant.

Interior design is pleasant, not too noisy and soundtrack of mellow indie rock not too loud. Seats/banquettes quite comfortable. Service was excellent.

Menu is like many other places...we tried a good dozen dishes...only dishes I'd want to return for were the lamb belly and desert (tar bar). Other food was on the fatty/salty side - not surprising, as I feel many of these restaurants feel more like bars with good food than restaurants. People drink more with this type of chow. Also, the food came out really fast...we ordered in waves, and some of the dishes came out less than a minute after ordering!

A nice local joint, nothing more.

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  1. how were the prices? I'm just about over the inflation trend in small plates-type restaurants...

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    1. re: jdwdeville

      about 80 pp w/tax&tip...a couple drinks pp.

      i agree with you...these casual restaurants, which almost feel like gastropubs, are not inexpensive and i find they rarely satisfy. also, while i get a lot of variety, i don't really enjoy sharing every dish.

    2. I had the same thought. The food was out so quickly, the meal ended up taking less than an hour, all in.

      1. I agree with Besha Rodell's take about being tired of this "New American" small plates thing but that Tar & Roses does this shtick well. I'm trying to read the subtext a bit... Are you tiring of this trend as well? And did that have more to do with your enjoyment of the place vs. the food itself?

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        1. re: andytseng

          I agree w/ this take as well - these menus all kinda seem the same, but I still enjoyed the 5 or 6 dishes I tried here. My experience was the opposite of manku's in the sense that the food was not overly rich or salty but rather well balanced. But I know exactly what you mean - so many of these new small plates restaurants/gastropubs take the easy way out with over-bacon'ing/over-salting everything. I wonder if one of us went on an off night ...

          I thought the prices were fair for the area as everything seems a few dollars more in Santa Monica. But I do agree that these small plates places all seem to inflate their prices.

          1. My experience was not yours. We, four adults, had seven or eight dishes, mostly hits - the bruchetta, lamb belly, fried snapper, veggie pasta were stand outs. Wine, coffee, two desserts got out at 60 pp. The salt content was higher than I like, but that is true of almost every restaurant I've been to in the last so many years. The Snapper would have been even more to my liking with less salt.
            We sat in the front area and were at our table foer an extended stay and I found the metal chair a challange.
            Not a meal up to Red Medicine but quite fine