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Dec 14, 2012 08:37 AM

Christmas Eve????

Former La. Residents will be in NO for family Cochon du lait on Christmas Day but where to eat Christmas Eve???Normally eat at Cochon or La Petite Grocery,Herbsaint(we are foodies!) but they are closed! Should we eat at Dragos(Hilton) Bayona(haven;t been there in YEARS) Coops, Domenica????Help-BillH. or anyone that knows good food! Thanks!!!!!

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  1. Check opentable. Email the ones you are interested in and see what their Christmas Eve menu will be and pick the one you like best. Good luck!

    1. I'd probably opt for Bayona or Domenica, out of the places you listed.

      1. From opening to about 4:00, Galatoire's is an enormously local crowd...the same people are in the line by 7:30 AM every year. But in the afternoon it thins out a bit..not much, but some. Xmas Eve is Monday this year when, normally, they are closed, but we';ve been there on Monday Xmas Eves past and I have not heard that they will be closed. It is too poopular (and profitable) to imagine missing out.

        1. Bayona is a great place, one of my personal top five w/ August, Commanders Palace, MiLa, & Kieth Youngs Steakhouse. I have no idea if any of them are going to be open. I know Tom Fitzmorris posts a list every year of places that are open on Christmas eve, you should check out his website