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Dec 14, 2012 08:12 AM

The ONE Le Creuset item to have?

So there's a possibility my boss might be buying me a Le Creuset for a holiday gift. Which one do I ask for? My main use of it would be to make things like boeuf bourginon (sp) or coq au vin or other things along that line. Would the 5-5.5 qt french oven be sufficient? I can't see making food for more than maybe 8 people at the absolute max at any one time (which would be like a once a year thing MAX), and I cook for 2 with leftovers on a daily basis. Should I do round or oval?

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  1. Boss?

    <Would the 5-5.5 qt french oven be sufficient?>

    I think that would be the most versatile one, so I will go for this one. As for round vs oval, it depends what you like to do. For normal things, I like round because of better heat eveniness, but if you want to cook a whole chicken or whatnot, then oval is better.

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      I mostly agree. I have a 5.5 qt Staub and an 8.75 Le Creuset, I think it is, it's huge. For years I only had the larger one, but it was very rare for it to be much more than half full. I use the 5.5 for all sorts of meals.

      I'll dissent on the whole chicken; unless it's humongous, it'll fit in the 5.5 round, which I think heats more evenly. I've done whole chicken in it for stock, though I usually make a bunch in the bigger one with two whole chickens.

      One thing I should add; between the two, I like the fit and finish on the Staub much better, but both really get the job done. The Staub I got has a black interior, so if a very stained white porcelain interior bugs you (it's inevitable), that's something to consider. I hope you get the gift from your boss, you can't go wrong with 5.5 in either one.

      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

        Just saw the boss question. Yes, my boss. It's a tiny company, just me and him here in the office (He owns the company and I'm his assistant) so we're very friendly.... I've been invited to his family events etc. He has daughters my age so I think he sort of looks at me that way.

        1. re: juliejulez

          He is nice. I wasn't sure if you mean "boss" as in your spouse. I have a few of my friends who refer their wives as "bosses", and I wasn't sure if this is one of the cases. Trust me, I get confused very often.

          Me: Can you run this assay by this Friday?
          Dude: I will have to check with my boss.
          boss = work boss.

          Me: Hey, want to join us for a beer after work Friday?
          Dude: I will have to check with my boss.
          Me: What?!
          boss = home boss/wife

          1. re: Chemicalkinetics

            Haha yes I know what you mean. My actual boss, calls his wife the boss.

            I'll call my BF my boss over my dead body though ;)

      2. The 5.5 is a great size. I have a 5 round in a bare Lodge dutch oven. I have put a whole chicken in it, up to about 4 lbs. If you plan on a lot of stovetop use, chili, soups, sauces, stews, I'd recommend the round. I have a Costco 6 3/4 enameled oval but have never really been happy with it's performance on the stove top. When browning meats, the ends of the pot are too far from the heat source, so the best browning occurs in the center. It takes longer to get an evenly browned roast or chicken pieces. Once it's in the oven though it performs very well.

        1. Great, thanks guys! We'll see if I actually get it!

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            Good luck, Julie, and let us know what you think (if you get one)

          2. 5.5 qt round (size 26)

            1. I have to agree with everyone so far, 5.5 round is a very versitle size and if I could only have one, that would be the size I would choose. As others have mentioned, oval is great in the oven, but less effective on the stove top and although you can brown a roast in it, the process is better in a round. Only a very elongated roast or other dish would fit better in the oval. A typical "pot roast" or regular sized chicken seem to fit just fine in a 5.5 qt round.