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Dec 14, 2012 08:08 AM

Shaun Wolfe from Pomana's resurfaces in Carlisle's Green Room

I've been a big fan of Shaun Wolfe since he worked at Pomana's in Biglerville. I'm so happy he has resurfaced locally. The menu definatley has his stamp on it and he brought several of my favorites. His charcuterie appetizer brought back memories that made me miss his cooking so much. I know he has only been there for about 6 weeks and there are some bumps but overall an excellent meal. I know Shaun is a stickler for detail and will iron out any rough edges soon. BTW also have to give kudo's to a pleasant staff who was on top of everything.

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  1. Does this mean the Green Room is now worth going to? I have been in the past but was always very disappointed and had vowed not to return but if there has been a big improvement then I am game to try again.

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      I'd give it a go, I have had food at restaraunts that were great the first time and returned to be disappointed but I think they are headed in the right direction