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Dec 14, 2012 07:58 AM

Staying At Palazzo Dec 28 - 31, Best Options Please

Friday 28th - Milos Lunch
Saturday 29th - Buchon brunch and Le Cirque pre theater

Need some great dinner rec's Fri and Sun.
Not into Wagu, would I be best to still go to Cut or the Barrymore has peaked some interest. I'm afraid to go to any of the Batali to feel let down at the end of it, I see so many mixed reviews.
Where would you eat at the Wynn. I heard they have a great breakfast at Tableu and what do you think about the Country Club.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you

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  1. Y'know, I would consider Joel Rubuchon. They have a complimentary limo that will pick you up.

    1. Milos for the 3 course $20.12 lunch
      Lotus of Siam the menu..near LV Hilton
      Country Club Wynn dinner
      Bouchon at Venetian for breakfast or oysters and champagne for dinner at the bar
      Chandelier bar at Cosmo for craft cocktails
      Secret Pizza at the Cosmo..third floor hidden gem
      Cut of the week deal

      Make sure you have your NYE plans all is beyond a zoo and would have pre-party of champagne in your room.
      Do not cab it..walk only for NYE..

      1. Jaleo at Cosmopolitan. Even better if you can get into e.
        Le Mansion or L'Atelier at Joel Robuchon for an equally excellent, but different kind of dinner.

        1. Twist by Gagnaire for dinner Friday if you're to be at that end of the Strip anyhow. Robuchon is also very special.

          Country Club is excellent. Wouldn't rush to Tableau.