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Dec 14, 2012 07:04 AM

Robert Parker's Sinagpore Investor Revealed (makes more sense now!)

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  1. The link above reads:

    The source then says the primary interest of the group is to ‘Allow advertising, ....

    The email I got today from eRobertParker reads:

    Advertising – The Wine Advocate will never accept advertising – not in print or PDF. We are, however, considering non-wine related advertising for the bulletin board and parts of

    1. 'The deal was brokered by two people who have absolutely no interest in wine and only commercial interest in mind,’..................does this compromise the integrity of the information/advice/reviews provided?

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      1. re: ocpitmaster


        The two people who brokered the deal are commercial bankers who allegedly got $5 million for their efforts, which are now concluded and -- the deal done -- their connection to the deal is now finished. Since they have no involvement in anything EXCEPT making sure the papers were signed correctly, how could it compromise ANYTHING???

        Now, Parker has said they won't accept any advertising connected in any way to wine. (I'm too tired to look up the exact quote, but it's in one of the Decanter or Bloomberg articles.) Does that mean they won't accept any advertising for Givenchy? or Louis Vuitton? What about Tag Heuer?or Hublot?

        Just curious . . .

        1. re: zin1953

          The source doesn't like Parker and Soo Hoo, obviously. Perhaps he is a suitor who got outbid?

          1. re: zin1953

            Now, did those same bankers head to Petrus (London), and celebrate with a 10 year vertical of DRC Burgs?

            Just curious,