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Dec 14, 2012 06:36 AM

St James

Has anyone been to this new restaurant in Ardmore?
Inquiring minds...

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  1. we went a few weeks ago --it's two (former) stores combined, and one is a nice&crowded bar. it was packed with 30+ age people when we left at 7:30ish. we ate early so the restaurant had some families with kids...please pardon my recall if this is not exactly correct... i remember a kind of limited menu, several entrees that were $22-27 , and some good sides b/c i had a very good Kennett Sq mushroom soup, a side of kale and french fries. my husband had lasagna --i think recommended by the server that he thought was OK. It's a much needed, nice addition to the neighborhood and i had the feeling that people who know these things, already know about the bar.