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Dec 14, 2012 06:08 AM

Washington DC Kosher Highlights?//How to Access the Kosher Board and Save It

Planning trip to D. C. with grandchild in Dec: where can we enjoy
eating Kosher food; best hotel nearby Kosher food and museums?

Also, why is so difficult to even find Kosher Board now? I would
like to save it as well as the Philadlephia Board which is now saved.

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  1. Once you're at the Kosher board, note the star in the upper right, to the right of 'Kosher' at the top of the board. Click it to save it to 'My Categories,' the dropdown menu at the top of the screen.

    1. The DC JCC has a kosher cafe--

      There's a small, but comfortable and cute hotel a block away--

      I don't know if there are other kosher offerings in DC; there are several in Silver Spring.

      1. Hotel is a city of hotels, with an enormous price spread.

        If you stay near the JCC (Distrikt Bistro) you will be near the major museums. The JCC is 2 blocks form a huge Whole Foods, where you can pick up stuff for breakfast, snacks or sandwich fixings (tip: you can take sandwiches into the cafeterias at the Smithsonian)

        The only other restaurant in the District is Eli's Deli, it's a little further from the museums. Extensive recent reviews of both restaurants in recent threads on this board.

        1. As others mentioned, there are currently only 2 kosher restaurants in D.C. Assuming you won't have a car, you can reach one of the kosher restaurants in Silver Spring by taking the Red line Metro to Wheaton. That is walking distance to Max's They have excellent shwarma and fine, but unmemorable deli and other dishes. The atmosphere is very child friendly.

          OT, if you are coming on a weekend, be sure to check the Metro schedule in advance. They have been doing track work most every weekend causing very long delays somewhere on the system.

          1. There's only two restaurants: the one in the JCC, which is overpriced, and the deli (Eli's) which is lackluster. For both, you need to stay in the Dupont area. There's apparently also packaged Kosher meals at the Holocaust museum cafe, but you should call ahead of time to make sure they have them in stock.

            There's a lot more options in Silver Spring and other MD suburbs, but you'll be quite inconvenienced for touring in DC if you stay up there.