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Dec 14, 2012 05:16 AM

Tortuga Rum Cakes or similar ?

I keep getting spam emails from Tortuga Rum Cakes, a known heavenly dessert from the Cayman Islands, I believe.

Are these available anywhere in Boston? They sound amazing but I'm not interested in ordering one / paying for shipping.

Is there anything else similar in the area, say, somewhere like Lenny's bakery in Mattapan? Without nuts, as I'm allergic..


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  1. Just saw them this week at the Christmas Tree Express in South Shore Plaza. Also have seen them on occasion at Marshall's. I've also purchased them at Cardullos in Harvard Square. Not sure if they come without nuts though.

    1. just saw them last night at Sudbury Farms/Roche Brothers

      1. King Arthur Flour just posted a recipe for something like this on their website. It calls for dusting the sides of the pan with ground pecans, but you could also do it with flour and I think it would be fine. Here's the link:

        They also have a blog entry dealing with it in greater detail which links from the recipe itself.

        I have neither tried this recipe nor the original that inspired it, but I often have good luck with their recipes.

        1. Just saw them at TJ Maxx on needham street in newton. They had tons of them.

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              They are right near the registers as you get in line. Enjoy!