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Dec 14, 2012 05:13 AM

Where to find RM Felts Country Ham in NoVA?

Looking for one of these whole, cured, and uncooked country hams for NYE. I've seen them before at my local latino market (the Foodway in Arlandria) but they haven't had them recently. Anywhere else around the area got one these or something comparable?

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  1. i've seen country ham at harris teeter in arlington. don't know the brand.

    1. You can get them at Eastern Market, Canales Meats, but I have also seen them at Safeway occasionally - Not that brand, however. I usually go for a Smithfield ham and order it online.

      I don't know if you've ever worked with one of these before, but if not, allow plenty of time for soaking - I usually soak for 48-72 hours (and it is still quite salty!). I wrote a guide and history some years ago if you want to know more:

      If you are worried about salt content, you can go with a "Williamsburg" ham, same style but less salt.

      Now you have me thinking of VA ham, I cured my own last Easter but may have to do a Smithfield this year!

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        Thanks for this. I had read about about needing to soak for a few days, changing the water every few hours. Am planning cooking this in a hot smoker for New Years.

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          Most country hams are already smoked, so that may be overkill - If you are dead-set on smoking a ham, you'll want to start with a fresh one and wet-cure it yourself (a boned fresh ham, rolled and tied, will be easier than a whole one) - Or even buy a cured one without the smoke-flavoring added and then smoke it.

          Michael Ruhlman covers this in his book, but here is a link:

          1. re: tommyskitchen

            Thanks again for the info.
            Got one that is indeed already cured, but uncooked and not smoked. My plan is to soak for a couple of days then smoke at a pretty high temperature, really just using the smoker as an oven (much like I do when I cook our thanksgiving turkey.) Not expecting a ton of smoke flavor considering the size and density of the ham.

            I've got the Ruhlman book, but figured I'd leave the curing to somebody else this time.

            This is what I ended up with -

            1. re: theyawns

              Looks good - It also looks like it is pretty big, especially at around 19 lbs - Are you sure you need to soak it? It doesn't have that "proscuitto" look like salt-cured hams normally do:

              But it's also pretty hard to tell in that tiny photo!

              Enjoy, let us know how it goes....

      2. Haven't tried this one myself yet, but it gets a lot of raves by a few folks I know.

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        1. re: Dennis S

          Very interesting. Will definitely check these out sometime soon. Didn't realize they were at the Old Town market.

          Ended up grabbing a half of an Old Dominion sugar cured country ham from the Buckland Farm store since I was in the neighborhood yesterday.

        2. Shopper's Food Warehouse in Glenmont (MD) had them today, so I would assume VA stores carry them, as well.