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Dec 14, 2012 04:52 AM

Recommend high-ish end restaurant with excellent vegetarian dishes?

Looking for a really good, reasonably high end restaurant with good vegetarian options. Not fish, but actual vegetarian options (more than just one token dish). Would be great if they had good meat dishes as well for me, but I'm tired of my wife having to order a few appy plates instead of an entree. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Would Woodlot be high end enough for your purposes? They have a separate veg menu.

    1. i agree with jacquilynne, woodlot is a natural fit for this. they have both a vegetarian and a meat menu. i've eaten there 4 or 5 times, and it's consistently excellent.

      as far as the quality of the kitchen is concerned, in my experience it's very easy in toronto to pay a lot more and receive a lot less.

      1. Thanks guys, that's a helpful suggestion. Still looking for others as a (this) Saturday night reservation not available right now (I know, way too late) ...but will make sure this is on the list.

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          Scaramouche Pasta Bar & Grill offers several vegetarian dishes, and several dishes that can be ordered to become vegetarian dishes:

          George has a 5 course vegetarian tasting menu for $80, but almost no veg dishes on their regular menu.

          I enjoyed all the vegetable tapas I ordered at Cava this fall (I tried the swiss chard, the tamal, the cauliflower/squash tagine, the eggplant and the papas fritas). I believe they were completely vegetarian. The salads, bruschetta and goat cheese croquetas are also vegetarian.

          Maybe also consider these more casual options:
          The Saint
          Yours Truly- have heard good things about the vegetarian Carte Blanche menu at Yours Truly
          Amaya Bread Bar on Yonge or Amaya The Indian Room on Bayview- relatively upscale atmosphere
          Indian Rice Factory-relatively upscale atmosphere
          Volos for mezedes
          Avli- scroll to the vegetarian section

          some other ideas

        2. woodlot and yours truly. high end price points and food, but casual atmosphere.

          also italian places are always good since they have pasta options. i like enoteca sociale. i have heard good things about campagnolo but have not yet been.

          1. I wouldn't recommend The Saint. Maybe I'm an outlier but I find their food overpriced and the veg selection poor. (They sneak pork into everything, though they'll take it out if they can and if you ask.)

            One of my favourite veg-friendly spots is actually Lee. I've only been twice but both times I found plenty of enjoyable items to choose from.

            Now recently put together a list that I want to eat my way through and you'll find helpful: