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Dec 14, 2012 04:38 AM

Need a GF, yolk free, PB free Christmas dessert recipe

My friend's hubby is allergic to gluten, poultry (including yolks) and peanuts. I'd like to make some kind of seasonal dessert without investing in numerous GF products.
Any ideas?

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  1. - peppermint fudge or bark
    - molasses crinkle cookies made with GF flour blend & egg replacer
    - eggless cheesecake (make a nut crust, or use GF & egg-free gingersnaps or graham crackers, or Mi-Del cinnamon snaps)

    you could also make my molasses-ginger cake, which works really well with any basic GF flour blend (just use store-bought egg replacer or the flax/chia trick):

    1. how about pears poached in red wine (add a little honey and a stick of cinnamon) -- pretty, elegant, simple, and amazing when drizzled with a little dark chocolate or salted-butter caramel.

      1. Can he have egg whites? If so, you can make a large pavlova (or individual ones) with festive fruits on top. Or Eton Mess which uses crushed meringue, whipped cream, fruit (raspberries are glorious) and fruit coulis. That is what I am making this Christmas. I love the varied textures and flavours - you get soft and pillowy, crunchy, sweet, tart...

        1. Wow. Nice choices! Thanks. I'll look them over with DH and see what he thinks our friends would like. I already have ingredients for most of the suggestions!

          1. Chocolate truffles? Chocolate fondue with fruit?

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              a couple of chocolate truffles would be really, really elegant alongside the poached pears, too.