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Dec 14, 2012 04:28 AM

Best place for PRIME RIB on Oahu?

Want to take family for dinner feast-Remember the ono prime rib at Queen Surf back in da days!!! Looking for the best recs. Mahalo!!!!

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  1. I remember 'back in the day' when people used to talk about the prime rib at various places, from the Maile room down to Sizzler. These days people seem focused on other foods, and I don't remember the last time anyone told me 'you gotta try the prime rib at _____" Any of the steakhouses here do a good job with prime rib. I think I would decide on other factors (view, overall reputation, level of service) and then see if they do prime rib. For example if you could get beachside seating at Dukes at Sunset then I would consider the prime rib there (supposedly pretty good.) Surprisingly the shorebird doesn't do prime rib.

    I don't think yelp is going to help on this one, their two highest ratings are Anykine Grill and Ray's Cafe, which are more 'good value for the price' kind of places. Number three was Blazin Steaks - fast food.

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      I'm wwith KMan. Prime rib is not difficult to do well.

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        i have had the 'prime rib' at makitti in waikiki (hello kitty themed buffet by makino chaya) and it was just a sad and sorry piece of steak. the buffet is decent, but don't get this add on.

        today my dad got the 'good value for the price' prime rib with two eggs at new eagle cafe. this was a single cut with a scoop of rice and real grated horseradish. to my complete surprise, it was decent, very decent. like i mentioned earlier, i like bloody rare, but this mediumish was still very tender and flavorful. i would not hesitate to order this myself and it was under fifteen bucks.

        on a side note: i had the philly cheesesteak and it was the bomb, made rib! lots of real cheese, peppers, onions, and mushrooms. highly recommend!

      2. Haleiwa Joe's in Kaneohe has a great (and huge) prime rib, really delicious. The view is really great too. Although since I live fairly close I have usually carried out.

        1. Last mention of Prime Rib, that I can recall, was at Hy's, but that was long ago.


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            Hy's has always done an excelent job with prime rib - although it's been some years since I was there.

            1. re: KaimukiMan

              Yes, the recs., that I mentioned, were from the past, but were glowing.

              As I am not normally a big fan of "Prime Rib," I never seek it out in Hawaii. We get so many poor examples at various events, that I am headed to other dishes.



          2. i have difficulty finding a place that has a slice that is still bloody rare. usually they are all medium to well done.

            manomin is right about haleiwa joe's portions, the plate is gigantinormous.

            1. The prime rib at the Willows was pretty good when we ate there recently. Like people say, not many go to Hawaii looking for prime rib. You can find it done well anywhere on the continental US.

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                Glad that you commented.

                As you state, I never even think of Prime Rib in Hawaii, but have picked up a few tips, from others.

                Besides it not being a dish, that I really appreciate (though HAVE had some good examples over time), it is not what I think of, when heading to the Islands.

                Even on the Mainland, it is way down my list of dishes.



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                  Haven't been to Ruth Steak House, but people buzz in my office said they have wonderful primes... any review?

                  1. re: roro808

                    a ruth's chris? i didn't know they had prime rib.

                    i have not had pr at morton's; have any of you? i have eaten there several times and the food was good, but quite expensive and not as good as ruth's chris or hy's.

                    i also have not had pr at hy's.