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Dec 14, 2012 12:15 AM

Where to buy good foie gras pate in Northern VA?

I was going to order some online, but the shipping fee is as much as the product! Ridiculous.
Should I get some at Whole Foods? Or is there anywhere that sells it near Tysons Corner?

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  1. I wouldn't know good foie gras from chopped liver, but Arrowine in Arlington (Lee Highway and Lorcum Lane) has some reallly good sausages and cheeses (and wines, too), and a fairly extensive selection of pates.

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        1. re: alkapal

          Thanks guys! I'll toast to you both on new years when im stuffing my face full of pate. :-)

          1. re: eviemichael

            we like several of those pates there in the fridge case to the left of the charcuterie. i think you could buy them soon and still have them fine for NYE.

            arrowine's speck from olli salumeria is also terrific.

    1. Wegmans has foie gras pate in their cheese section.

      1. Not to hijack the thread, but is there anywhere that sells lobes of foie gras, either a or b grade?