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Dec 13, 2012 07:47 PM

Strip T's offshoot in Providence? and other options.

I thought I saw a post about an offshoot to Strip T's of Watertown MA somewhere on the west side of 95. I thought I had bookmarked it somewhere but nothing is coming up on my searches. Am I crazy for having thought I saw this?

Another though for dinner on Saturday is Teriyaki and Korean House. The pictures of the bimbim bap dol sot and soon tofu look good. One of our party avoids dairy and Korean makes it easy.

Last thought: Los Andres. We like Peruvian and thought it would be good to introduce local relatives to it. Would Los Andres be worth it?

Take care.

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  1. Los Andes is great fun and very delicious, even the desserts. The ceviche is a must. You can split a huge entree and get done for hole in the wall $$, or you can make a lavish evening out of it.

    1. Tim from Strip T's plans to open in Washington Square, Brookline

      1. I think somehow I related Strip T's with Nick's on Broadway and that is where the confusion lie.

        Still has anyone been to Teriyaki and Korean House on Wesminister? It's looking to be our choice for various reasons and was curious to know if the good reviews on Yelp were in the ballpark.

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          Strip T's mentions north restaurant on their website which is on the west end, maybe you were thinking of that?

          1. re: Nl2012

            THAT'S IT!!!!! It's too late for us to change venues at this point but it's definitely on the list for next time.

            Thanks for your help NI2012.