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Dec 13, 2012 07:33 PM

Good Coffee w/Breakfast On Christmas [San Francisco]

Howdy all - last year my girlfriend came over from Columbus, OH to visit me in the Bay Area for Christmas with my family. We had a fun time winging it around San Francisco on that Christmas Day itself (my family's big meetup is on Christmas Eve) looking for things to do and places to eat.

This year she'll be coming back, but this time I'll be in tow from Columbus as well (we kinda' decided this thing was worth making a more permanent commitment) and we're looking forward to chowing down in my old stomping grounds again.

I was just curious about Christmas morning - we'll be heading into San Fran like last year to wing it a bit but would love to stop in at a breakfast place that has good coffee (one of the nicest surprises I've found with Columbus is their burgeoning micro-roaster coffee scene) along with tasty breakfast offerings that is actually open on Christmas.

Is there any place along that I-80 corridor from Vallejo into San Francisco (or even San Francisco itself) that fits this bill? We'd even be fine with good coffee with tasty baked goods (something like Crixa or similar)

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  1. You'll find that a fair amount of places serving good breakfasts also use decent to reputable beans in SF. They almost have to. Since coffee discussions can get pretty specific (types of roasts you like, etc.), you're probably better off making the food the priority.
    If they list the roaster on the menu, it's probably one that has some kind of following.

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      Maybe I worded that wrong - I guess the good coffee would be a bonus - being open on the morning of Christmas would be divine :)

      Winging it was fun last year but I remember starting off our Christmas Day morning in Alameda and ending up with bagels from House of Bagels and coffee from Charbucks (we had no luck on Little House Cafe or the Feel Good Bakery, and Peet's across the street from House of Bagels was closed.)

      I've called a few potentials with negative responses re: being open on Christmas morn' - I'm hoping someone might know of something that will fit the bill.

    2. If Sweet Woodruff is open, you could get good coffee (Front) and tasty food as well. Not a ton of seating, all on stools at counters. farm:table also has tasty food and solid coffee (their roast and others) -- super tiny place. Blue Bottle Mint Plaza would be a good option as well. No idea if any of these would be open on Xmas Day though.

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        I thought about suggesting Farm:Table but they seem like the type to close, and their menu isn't exactly extensive, with about 3 items a day, and one cereal/yogurt dish, that's more of a snack than a meal. Great for coffee though.

        Last time I went to Mint Plaza (about 3 weeks ago) Blue Bottle had a line out the door that took forever. Anyone know if this is standard now on weekends/holidays?

        1. re: sugartoof

          Yeah, I kinda think they might be closed but worth a shot. I love the breakfasts at farm:table and find them ideally sized (but I have a Canadian's eye for portion sizing).

          The Mint Plaza lineup fandango seems to be getting worse every time we come. In November the lineup was stupidly long both times but I was lining up for Chairman Bao at the same time so it worked out that time, and the second time it was sunny so we took turns lolling in the chairs in the square to take turns. And FWIW it can be just as bad on weekdays if you hit it at the wrong time. Still our favourite coffee shop in the city for ambiance though.