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Dec 13, 2012 07:29 PM

South of Boston

I am seeking a great place to meet a friend around Marshfield, Hingham or anywhere close to RT 3. We want to meet halfway. She lives in Malden I live on Cape. We met at Solstice tonight and need a spot for next week. A nice bar to chat is important and good food similar to Solstice. Thanks...

Tosca is great but too far off 3....

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  1. Scarlet Oak Tavern might fit the bill, right off of the 228 exit. It has a good bar area, and the food has improved with the former chef at Union now at the helm.

    1. Agree with Scarlet Oak. Another option is the Sun Tavern, exit 11 in Duxbury. Pretty good!

      1. Have you checked out the Southern New England board here? You'll find some helpful threads there as well.

        1. Right on route 3A in Hingham is Almanove restaurant. There's a great bar and also outdoor seating with heat lamps over head and a cozy fire. It's a great place to chat and have a drink. It's right on the Harbor...gorgeous!! Food is fantastic....super menu! Chef Walburg was voted best chef on the South Shore.
          I much prefer it to Solstice which is right in my "backyard".
          Look up Almanove and check out the menu!

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          1. re: Annief123

            Considering the original post was in December my guess is that they found a place by now. That being said the OP was looking for a place close to route 3, which Alma Nove is not.

            I've eaten at Alma a few times and have yet to find the food fantastic. The look of the place is rather hotel lobby-ish but I guess people like that look. The fire pit looks interesting but I've never been able to sit out there. I think the food is ok, nothing inspiring and they have gotten more "italian" since it opened. I have had some truly rude service both at the bar and in the dining room. I don't put much stock in the "voted best chef" either, I guess I'm not surprised given the movie star connection. His food is better than it was at Bridgeman's in hull which was at times dreadful.

            Solstice is also in my backyard and I think the food there is far superior than Alma's. Almost everything is made in-house and over the years I have had maybe 1 or 2 disappointments out of a hundred. Maybe the setting isn't quite as nice as Hingham Shipyard but I'll take the 2 minute drive over a 40 minute drive for better food, service, wine list but with no fire pit or movie stars.

            Where else do you like to eat on the South Shore?

            1. re: T.Clark

              Too funny...that was my first post and as soon as I sent it off I saw the date.
              And, clearly I have no sense of direction.

              On the South Shore I like to eat at Hola in Marshfield, Riva and Oro in Scituate, Square Cafe and Scarlett Oak Tavern in Hingham. For Asian food, Feng Shui in Cohasset and for Mexican, El Sarape in Braintree. Alba in Quincy is a central location to meet up with friends.
              I still miss Saporitos in Hull and Tosca has been a disappointment lately. I'm wondering if they have a new chef.

              Anyway that's just a sample. I think we have a fairly good selections of restaurants here.

              How about pizza? I prefer barroom pizza....have any

              We're always looking for a good place for a sandwich....any ideas? I had an interesting one at Turners Yard, but there's not a lot to choose from.

              1. re: Annief123

                Your sense of direction is okay, and as for timing, many old threads get updated with current info, so no need to apologize. By posting now, even though it doesn't help phelena in her quest, it DOES help the next person who has a similar need, ie:. where to get a good to great meal on the the South Shore. There's got to be more than Solstice, which I think is terrific, and I long for something closer for me on the Cape than Scituate or Cohasset so keep them coming. I'll have to give Hola a try as it looks great.

                As to Alma Nova, we've only had lunch but found the room very nice and lively, the view and setting is beautiful, and the food was very good (particularly vs. the typical dreck found at most waterfront restaurants) I'd go back and I'd certainly not abstain form giving out a rec merely because of the celebrity ownership and chef. Welcome to the board!

                PS....When on the Cape in Falmouth at night, give Paul's a try for delicious bar pizza.

                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                  Thanks for your response and restaurant recommendation, appreciate it!

                  I hope you give Hola a try.

                  1. re: Annief123

                    Just to follow up Annie, I know your intentions were good but living a good part of my life up and down Rt.3 I can see a problem for people looking for recs close to the highway with the intention of "meeting up" (as in the OP's case) and ending up 30 minutes from the highway. Unfortunately I think I know what Phelana is looking for and It's hard to find a comparable rec close to Rt.3 After Plymouth and Kingston it's no man's land until Pembroke then Hanover and then Hingham. Even Hola, which is a great rec, could be a no-go as it's 10 minutes into Marshfield on the best days, closer to 20 on average.

                    One of the issues with South Shore recs is the distance between exits. For instance South Plymouth to Quincy is almost 40 miles and 50 minutes, yet both are considered south shore (depending on the source Quincy is debatable). Perhaps I'm a little touchy on the geography of our area but I'm sure you get my drift. Besides the OP said Tosca is too far so I'm thinking Alma is worse?

                    Bar Pizza is not really my bag but Poopsies is the gold standard for me. Across the street is a newish place called Oysters. Despite the name I've heard decent reviews but I haven't tried it personally.

                    I think the South Shore should be looked at like the Cape; Upper, Lower, Middle.

                    1. re: T.Clark

                      Thanks for your comments.

                      I've actaully been to The Oyster Bar and Grille in Pembroke a couple of times. It was pleasant enough with an interesting menu. We would go back.
                      Unfortunetly on a Friday and Saturday it was almost empty.
                      I hope for the owners sake he can make a go of it.