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Dec 13, 2012 06:42 PM

Iron Hill Brewry in Ardmore?!

just read in the Inky that Iron Hill Brewery is going to open in Ardmore next to DSW the old Norman carpet! Any info anyone? Is it a nice brew-pub--I've never been.
Had one of the WORST hipster, unpleasant experiences ever at Tired Hands brewery a block over - bare bar with no napkins, no nuts, no service. the "owner" actually told me it would "violate his meat cheese paradigm" to offer a cheese plate of different cheeses, on one plate (when I asked why 2 oz of heirloom cheese was $9) He told the women sitting next to us that they only had "bad wine, one kind, because they are a brewery." But I'll stop ranting now --I can't wait for Iron Hill to put them out of business

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  1. Its a decent place. Started in Newark, DE. Way better than that Tired Schmuck Brewery.

    1. Can't wait to put them out of business?! Seriously? You're blessed having two solid brewpub options in Ardmore. Hopefully both will thrive. I enjoy both IH and TH for different reasons. I think TH does a good job and there's no need to wish bad fortune on a brewpub that makes solid inventive beer.

      1. We enjoy the Chestnut Hill Iron Hill. The location is excellent with floor length windows that open in good weather, looking on to a busy main street. We have usually been pleasantly surprised by the food at very reasonable prices, certainly not gourmand, but most often quite enjoyable. They will offer stiff competition to any bar/brew pub close by. If eimom's experience is at all representative of TH brewery's norm no wishes one way will change the final result.

        1. Tired hands is not going anywhere. While their brewpub may be a bit uneven in their service, their beers are receiving rave reviews all around town. They cannot make enough beer to meet the demand. I suggest you find a nice Applebees and enjoy the plastic atmosphere there.

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            i went to applebees once when my kids were little and that would have been preferable to having to endure the self-satisfied lecture i was given with my beer about locavore farming and meat cheese paradigms

            1. re: elmom

              Tired Hands is not trying to be a restaurant. They call it a cafe. From their website they say "Tired Hands sources all of the meats and cheeses we serve from approximately 100 miles of the brewery. This means are menu changes frequently based on what is fresh and available in the region at any given moment. Our menu cycles the seasons to take full advantage of local delights. Most items feature our house-made bread, baked daily behind the first floor bar." If you went in thinking they were a full fledged restaurant then you quickly learned they are not nor do they aspire to be.

              Frankly I think they are doing good things with food. Few things but high quality. Price will not be a bargain but they are about quality. It won't be for everyone, but no restaurant is.

          2. cwd, seems you have had just the opposite experience at TH then did elmom. In re-reading her post she did not impinge the beer: actually no comment at all regarding beer. Issues were service and attitude. While it should not happen it certainly can happen almost anywhere at any time. Perhaps the cause was a piece of undone potato? Your valued comments and the acclaim their brew has obtained speaks volumes.