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Dec 13, 2012 05:53 PM


Hi Chowhound again,

Just wondering if anyone can add onto anything that the cultural centers/ churches may have missed in terms of restaurants in vancouver for:

(Croatian: Croatian cultural center fri lunch?)
Montenegrin (Montenegro tapas bar and grill?)


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    1. Thanks Sam! also found bernie's balkan kitchen and v restaurant cafe (if it's still there) but thought just in case there are restaurants for the individual countries!

      1. is this a research paper?
        seriously - curious.
        if you need Ukrainian - that's Canadian - eg Parahe.etc.

        1. I think Toronto would be a better mecca to find restos for all of these cultural groups. Seriously, lol. Metro Vancouver is an ethnically-rich region for sure, but lack the diversity of Toronto by a long shot.

          1. Not restaurants, but you should check out JN&Z, Jovo the Butcher (both from Bosnian/Croatian deli meats) and Boemma - for Croatian groceries, etc. I haven't been to the Croatian Cultural Center for lunch in years but recall it was good.