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Dec 13, 2012 05:24 PM

Breakfast in Grapevine area of Dallas

Los Angeles C/H will be in Grapevine 12/24-29, looking for good, local breakfast "joints". Any suggestions ?

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  1. If you truly want a 'joint' I'd recommend Old West Cafe. You'll see lots of cowboy hats. Their Sanger and Denton locations are always packed. It's owned by a local couple who have expanded and are now in Grapevine, too. I've had breakfast at their original location over the years. Try one of the TexMex offerings.

    1. Main Street Bistro and Bakery has a tasty breakfast. It's not fabulous food, but it's reasonably good and a casual/cozy spot.

      1. Another vote for Old West Cafe. Great place, lots of good breakfast options and very good salsa and refried beans.

        1. Old West Cafe and Main Street Bakery are both great establishments, but very different in style. Main Street Bakery is a French Bakery and the menu reflects that. Old West Cafe will satisfy a comfort food craving with pancakes, biscuits and gravy, bacon, sausage, eggs, omlets, etc. Another local spot would be Waffle Way, a breakfast/lunch cafe that has been in Grapevine for a long time and is a gathering place for locals. - Grapevine resident.

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            I second main street bistro: I am very fond of their "crepe bistro" with ham, swiss and bechemel. Most of what I've eaten there was pretty good (pannini, soups)... Except the smoked salmon benedict: I had some problems with the smoked salmon (I think they cooked it?) but it could have been an off-day for the restaurant.

            I like Old West too for comforting breakfasts. The huevos are great as is most things made to order (pancakes, omelets). Sometimes the hash browns are cold but they're happy to give you a hot batch if you bring it to their attention.

          2. Thank you all for the words on Main St and Old West - you were right on! I especially loved the Migas at Main St.
            I should have asked about Jakes Burgers - It has our vote for "loser of the year". Poor quality food, badly prepared, and totally unprofessional service.

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            1. re: Bruce Kerr

              Glad to hear you liked them. Thanks for reporting back, and thanks for bringing the Christmas snow. Ha. Sorry to hear about the burger place.