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Dec 13, 2012 05:19 PM

Need a "View Full Site" button

In the mobile-adapted versions, you should have a "View Full Site" button at the bottom of the page. See Yelp and IMDB for a couple of examples.

I spent a lot of extra money to get a phone with a web browser that's as capable as a desktop browser. It does not please me to be stuck with a limited version designed for less capable phones.

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  1. My thought exactly!
    I would much prefer the full view on my Android! Why strip it down, the web browser certainly can handle that!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion.

      As a tip, in most browsers on Android, as well as in the Chrome browser on iOS, there is a browser menu option to "Request Desktop Site" that you can try to get to the full site.

      That being said, there are issues with accessing the full site from a mobile device that you may run into. For example, the desktop site uses a mouse hover state in various places, which isn't possible from a mobile device. The navigation menus at the top is one very important example of that. That's one of a few issues we'd have to address before we could release a "view full site" button.

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      1. re: meshane

        The best way to address that is to get rid of all the user-hostile modal mouseover stuff.

        1. re: meshane

          If you get rid of the five dots and replace it with normal page navigation, you won't be unnecessarily crippling the mobile version they way you are now.