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Dec 13, 2012 05:00 PM

Authentic Mexican Food

I've traveled in Mexico from San Diego to Mexico City on several occasions and I've had an insiders access to "real" Mexican food. I have something other in mind than Tex-Mex with a dozen various combinations of tacos, enchiladas, burritos, rice and beans. Does someone know of an authentic Mexican restaurant, where mostly Mexicans go, maybe near Buford Highway?

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  1. I have not been, but I hear Taqueria Los Hermanos in
    Tucker is the most authentic around. I eat a lot on
    Buford Hwy and as a rule I don't care that much for
    what it has to offer in terms of Mexican food.

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      I can't say if it's authentic Mexican, but Taqueria Los Hermanos is great food. I used to eat there weekly when I worked in that part of town. Fantastic tamales!!

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        I've eaten there and enjoyed it, but it's not quite what I'm looking for. Even if the cooks are Mexican, they are providing what Anglos want to eat. I'm looking for places that provide what Mexicans want to eat.

    2. 1. Chicago Supermarket. Go on Sat for fresh carnitas, lengua, cabeza, guisados, tamales oaxaca.

      2. El Rey Del Taco. Buford hwy gets a lot of love here. It's always been at least ok for me.

      3. El Indio Indian Trail Road. Exc sopa albondigas. Ok tacos.

      I wish there were more. These are all taquerias. The superb variety and refinement of Mexican cuisine is not well represented in the ATL at present, to my knowledge.

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      1. re: Steve Drucker

        That's what I'm talking about!
        I've been to El Rey del Taco, and it's pretty good. I'll certainly try out the others. Thanks.

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          I went to Chicago Supermarket on a Tuesday evening, just after 6:00. The cafe in back was a bedraggled place, and the server spoke no English, just the type pf place I like (right out of Mexico). They were in the process of closing, so they were out of several items, but the food was delicious. Don't go there unless you are in the mood for an adventure. I'll return.

        2. Pure in Roswell is pretty good
          We like los rancheros in dunwoody as well
          Ive found the mexican spots on buford have fallen ff from a quality viewpoint

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            I'm glad you mentioned that. I've never been to it, but it reminded me of Perla Taqueria, on Piedmont Rd, near Cheshire Bridge. It used to be a fast food place of some sort. Well, it still is; you order at the counter, then go sit down and they bring it to you. However, the food is surprisingly good and authentic.

          2. Among the enjoyable taquerias in Roswell are Carniceria San Miguel just west of GA 400 on Holcomb Bridge and Mi Mexico on Alpharetta Hwy midway between Roswell and Alpharetta. They both serve gringos - but not often.

            1. We are big fans of Tacos La Villa, a barely rennovated former Quizno's on Cobb Parkway in Smyrna just across from Best Buy. $1 tacos, a help yourself fixings bar, menudo on the weekends and futbol playing endlessly on the televisions. Everything is delicious, go now!