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Herbsaint, Clancy's, or Upperline? Oyster Po Boys. Lafayette suggestions.

We are from San Francisco and will be visiting NO in Feb. just after Mardi Gras. Actually will be doing Mardi Gras ball and parade in Lafayette then coming to NO for 3 nights. Have been to NO 3 times before. So far I have Borgne and Galatoires for dinners. The last night I am trying to decide between the above choices. I still want an only in NO type of meal, cajun/creole not too modernized or international. I can get other types of food in SF. Herbsaint seems to be getting a lot of love lately, just wondering if the menu there has enough of NO/LA in it. Also any suggestions for Lafayette are appreciated. Oyster Po Boy suggestions too for both places.

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  1. of the 3 restaurants in your subject line. I would choose Clancy's. I always have their oysters w/brie, veal chop and smoked soft shell crab. for dessert, I'll get a frozen brandy alexander. also for consideration since you're willing to head uptown. look at Brigtsen's. love Frank's sweetbreads, rabbit tenderloin, and seafood platter.

    for oyster po boys, if you have a car, I'd head to RiverPond Seafood on Airline Hwy., Crabby Jack's on Jefferson Hwy or Mandina's on Canal St (also accessible by Canal St. Streetcar).

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        Your talking about Frank at Brigtsen's not Franks, right.

      2. Another request where to get a late lunch between NO airport and Lafayette?

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          People rave about Prejean's in Lafayette, but its not my favorite. TJ Ribs right off the I-10 in Baton Rouge is pretty good, and they have some really good plate lunches that are "home style/Louisiana food". If you like Italian, there is a great rest. BR Gino's also near the I -10.

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            St. Rose Tavern, Middendorf's, Latil's Landing, Roberto's River Road Rstaurant

          2. You can't miss with any of the three. I'd pick Clancy's first, but also go with proximity to bed. Take a look at nomenu.com for terrific reviews and lists by cuisine and neighborhood. check out Jacque Imo's but get a reservation for real N.O.
            For "poorboys" as they are now being called try Parkway in N.O. Olde Tyme grocery in Lafayette.
            Baton Rouge has its share of unique places for good grub, too. In a four block area down Perkins Rd.--just off the interstate---we have DiGuilio's (reasonably priced, very good Italian), George's (good bar food, ala BR), a branch of Acme Oyster House, Parrain's ( very good La. Seafood and more) and Juban's (more fancy Creole) and 6-8 others I have enjoyed.
            You should have no shortage of crawfish available when you come, but I'd strongly recommend getting them around Lafayette rather than N.O. or B.R. if it fits your schedule.
            Have fun!

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              Thanks artving for the info. So will Dwight's in Lafayette be having crawfish dinner nights then? I would really like to fit that in if possible. I am sure we have to do some group dinners arranged by our hosts. Maybe I could suggest a crawfish feast!

            2. Not a fan of Herbsait at all which is wierd because I LOVE Bayona which is a sister restaurant but with a much better Owner/Chef but if you are looking for a more essential Louisiana food, I would recommend you check out the following:
              Jacques Imos
              Palace Cafe
              Maurepas Foods

              for something less causal
              R'evolution, just opened and I have heard great things about it. Chef John Folse is involved so its sure to be good

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                Herbsaint is a Donald Link restaurant. Bayona is Susan Spicer.

                How would one be considered a "sister" establishment of the other?

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                  Spicer was involved with Herbsaint at the beginning ... I can't remember now if she was a full partner or what. Anyway, when they opened I thought of the place as Spicer's second place; the name Link didn't mean anything to me at the time.

              2. Crawfish aren't in season yet, so Dwight's in Lafayette most likely won't be serving boiled crawfish.

                For a poboy in the Lafayette area, I recommend Villager's Cafe in Maurice, a few miles south. Don't know about their oyster poboy, never tried it, but the pot roast poboy is great!

                In Lafayette I would go with Poor Boy's Riverside Inn on the Broussard side of town. Try any gumbo!

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                  Or give T-Coon's a try. i haven't been there in a while but it is sure not a SF restaurant. I see reviews from other sources are generally good.

                2. Acadiana is full of top notch seafood/cajun spots.For the very best crawfish boiling points I can recommend two that IMHO outshine all the others: Hawk's in Roberts Cove (35 min. from Lafayette) and Cajun Claws in Abbeville.For years Hawk's was my undisputed fave. Now, however, Cajun Claws just may have passed Hawk's for #1. Abbeville is a lovely/big-time eatin' little city 25 min. SW of Lafayette. Google for maps/tomes/etc.

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                    Old time local joke...
                    "Where's the best restaurant in New Iberia?"


                  2. BTW - Dwight's in Lafayette can't hold a candle to the two places I've mentioned. Again IMHO

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                      Thanks Rockbound. Here is the deal. My wife's company has a branch in LAF. The director of that branch has lobbied for years to host the annual director's meeting in LAF. that is almost always held in Vegas or on the West Coast. She got her wish and sweetened the deal by having it at Mardi Gras inviting everyone including spouses to the MG Ball, parade etc. I even have to get a tux and I don't own a tie anymore. I am actually really looking forward to the whole deal but don't know if getting outside Lafayette is going to be possible since they still have to have a meeting that is why I mentioned Dwight's. I will try to organize some lunches for the spouse's for chowing while meetings take place. I have been to the area years before ate at Cafe Des Ami even though it was during a tropical storm when the Bayou Teche got high enough to lap at our hotel door step. We were evacuated. Bon ton Roulet. I know TMI, Ha!

                    2. Upperline for an unusual hospitality experience. Joanne Clevenger is one of a kind and will make your visit one to remember. Food's not bad either.

                      1. Don's downtown Lafayette for gumbo. And don't skip their bread pudding!

                        1. Lafayette Po'boys - Old Tyme Grocery. All others pale in comparison.

                          Late lunch in Lafayette - French Press serves till 2pm.

                          Clancy's is too clubby. Ms. Clevenger is a character, but the food is old school. Herbsaint is by far the best of the options you mentioned.