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Dec 13, 2012 04:12 PM

All-Clad Deluxe Slow Cooker

Anyone have one of these? I so want one, but am worried about the reviews. It get's 4 stars, but those that hate it, REALLY hate it. Was thinking of getting it as my Christmas present to me, but at that price, I don't want to buy lemons...

I did search here and read a couple threads that mentioned All-Clad slow cookers, but most dealt with those that had the ceramic insert, not the deluxe with the aluminum insert.

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  1. I don't have one, but there was many discussions about it before. As far as I know, the Deluxe one is good, the regular one is bad, but that regular All Clad slow cooker has not been seen for awhile now. (yes, the ceramic one is the one which has problem cracking).

    Although I think it is a fine unit, I also think it is over priced. You can get one just as good at a lower price point. All Clad is not an electric appliance compnay. It either outsource the job to another company to manufacturer it, or it simply buy an existing slow cooker design from another company and put its brand name on it -- for marketing.

    If you know air purifiers, you will know Honeywell markets air purifier made by Kaz. Kaz made the units, Honeywell markets and sells them.

    1. I have the aluminum insert All Clad and love it. It's been about three years, and a few months ago had some issues with the warming function, but customer service was great. No complaints, it's been a fantastic add to my kitchen, especially in the last year and a half since I've had twins and went back to work... By the way, love your profile picture. Our dogs are named Waldorf and Statler!