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Ears of corn versus frozen or canned for a salad recipe?

I am somewhat new to cooking and had a question about a recipe I am planning on making. I was thinking of making a Pan-Roasted Corn Salad with Tomatoes and Feta recipe that calls for ears of corn. The recipe calls for the corn kernels to be stripped with a sharp knife. The corn is then sautéed in a pan. Would it make much of a difference to use frozen corn or cans of corn. If so which would be better? If I use frozen show I let it thaw out first. Any input or advice is really appreciated.

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  1. This time of year, I'd use frozen and let it defrost first. Fresh corn is not in season and is not likely to be very good. If it were summer? Fresh all the way.

    1. Thawed frozen would most likely be better. It will have a firmer texture & fresher flavor than canned.

      1. Use the frozen. The canned if you were on a deserted island ;-)

        1. The only canned corn I use for anything is Green Giant Niblets. I think it would work and be a lot cheaper than frozen of a lesser quality . Just drain, rinse in water, and dry a bit.

          1. Never use salty, canned corn. Frozen corn is much better. It is packed and frozen very soon after it is picked.

            1. when you cut fresh corn off the cob, a "milk" is released and adds a bit more of corny flavory goodness.

              unless you are someplace where local corn is in season, i'd go with frozen corn. that being said, it still sounds like a very summery salad since tomatoes are not in-season either.

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                One tip that I have noticed is that organic frozen corn is noticeably better and tastier than regular frozen corn, also (I believe) that by default it's not gmo.

                I only like canned corn when I'm nostalgic for my school cafeteria - or in corn bread.

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                  You know it's going to be hard to get anything other than GMO corn even if you aren't growing it. Cross pollination will be an issue in time if it hasn't already taken over many non GMO crops

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                  I agree with this as well. If you're truly bent on making this salad now, do spend the extra $$ to get the best supermarket tomatoes you can. "Campari" & "Kubota" are usually pretty good by supermarket tomato standards, but barring them, at least go for on-the-vine ones.

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                    I'd go with frozen corn too. If you have "ugly" tomatoes in your store, those are really good. Campari are too. Haven't heard of Kubota in my area.

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                      Sorry - my bad. The name of that tomato is "Kumato", not "Kubota". It's a brownish-looking tomato, but the flavor is excellent for a supermarket tomato. Here's a link to their website: