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Dec 13, 2012 02:17 PM

Pot for boiling 2 eggs and simmering oatmeal for 1?

I thought I had everything I needed but once again i was wrong. Everything is too big for this.
What should I use for boiling 2 eggs and simmering steel cut oatmeal? And possibly reheating soup/stew for 1?
Is there something small I could pick up for this or should I use my saute pan?
I got:

Demeyere saute pan 3 qt
Lodge enamel dutch oven 6 qt
Sur La Table stock pot 8 qt
Lodge cast iron skillets
Scanpan nonstick skillet 8''

I want something that will last and is easy to clean but is not super expensive. Maybe a 1 or 2 qt Le Creuset? Not sure if that even exists.

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  1. Get a small saucepan. Any 1.5 qt (more or less) with a lid will do. It should be stainless steel inside and have an aluminum bottom (or be multi-ply with aluminum/SS). Here is the low end for that type of pan:

    There are many more to choose from on this site.

    1. I have a four cup 365 pan w/ lid from Ikea that I use damn near every day for those exact items. Cheap! It came w/ other cookware and is dishwasher safe. I wouldn't want to use a saute pan w/ oatmeal, but maybe eggs.

      1. You should decide if you want an induction-capable pan, even if you are not using induction now.

        1. I have this, which is a 1.5 quart pot/saucepan.

          It's perfect for ...

          ... up to 5 XL eggs
          ... heating canned soups
          ... reheating sauces
          ... pasta for one
          ... making rice for one when I don't want to break out the ricecooker
          ... a crappy substitute for a double-boiler

          1. The little 1 quart saucepan that comes in this set from Farberware is my little workhorse. My mom had one while I was growing up and it was the first pan I bought when moving out on my own.

            It's great for what you describe, and also for things like melting a stick of butter or some chocolate, single servings of pasta, and making ramen (which was VERY useful when I was out on my own for the first time LOL).